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Sunday, March 10, 2013

Marissa Mayer CEO Yahoo get million dollar equivalent

After six months of receipt of her post as CEO of Yahoo, Marissa Mayer get equivalent of $ 1.12 million, sources have revealed that the annual salary for Marissa over a million dollars a year, equivalent to $ 83 a month, plus incentives that can walbons up to 2 million dollars a year from their arrival to the goals the Board of Yahoo.

The Marisa dispensed with many services and products that are not profitable enough and does not fit with the company's new direction.
In addition to all these features also got Marisa Tomei shares in Yahoo is worth more than $ 56 million. It was $ 14 million in compensation for loss of stock shares in Google, where she was as important in Google for several years in addition to the many incentives walbons depending on results.
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What is Bitcoin

I think most of you never heard before, so I preferred to write a definition posted is technically more than what is 
economically, defined his Bitcoin with claims online, what is this? How much is worth? How do I get them? And is it an alternative to national currencies?

Growing up

Bitcoin is an electronic currency based on decentralized version, using peer-to-peer network (such as the torrent) and encrypted electronic signature to prove the possibility of circulating via the Internet without the need for a trusted intermediary as banks.

Bitcoin work arose in 2009 when the programmer calls himself "Satoshi Nakamoto" research paper proposing creation of virtual currency for the solution of problems faced by people when dealing with currencies online, it can copy the money as copies files because it is not a physical entity but an entity.

The benefit of this is that you will not pay any expenses on transport and transformation as charged by banks and credit card companies usually also available worldwide which no State can prohibit them because they simply are not subject to its control and thus nobody on your account and freeze it, you don't need complex requirements for use.

Mechanism of action

Anyone connected to the Internet to produce coins using Bitcoin free program available for both platforms, so that the production of these digital currency requires a certain amount of work to produce a certain amount of money, this amount is adjusted by the network so that they are not excessive production and without predicting it.

The currency is stored in its own portfolio, as an electronic signature is not added to the conversion process and after a few minutes the process is verified by the system and is stored encrypted anonymous Bitcoin network.

Bitcoin is an open source program, anyone can review the source code and found and developed.

Another way if you want to download the software where you can open an account on the official website of the currency so that you can access from anywhere.

Either meaning of the work required to produce the currency is a complex mathematical calculation, qualify the computer connected to the Internet, which carries a Bitcoin or when opening an account on the site, and solve mathematical equation after the solution successfully gets his account on a certain number of Bitcoin units, but not necessarily always reaches a solution, so you don't get coins unless Bitcoin complement the calculation correctly.

Any operation requires the use of computer resources and much time. And control the money supply before the default currency series of operations and rules of the sports complex built in code.

To understand the default money must first learn some basics terminology and simple and complex mechanisms implicitly, since the structure of the virtual money are in three main rules:

There are limits to his Bitcoin 21 million around the world until the year 2025 (high limit permanently, i.e. you cannot produce more than the limits under the current system)
-Default divisible money 8 decimal places.
-Virtual money is regulated through blocks (Blocks) called default cash generator serial (Sequential bitcoin generators) and the basic infrastructure for the process of creating this currency.

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Friday, March 8, 2013

High dollar higher wages

The dollar rose against the yen on Friday for the highest value of four years ago, after rising wages in non-agricultural occupations with high expectations and low unemployment rates.

And the dollar's rise came along with rising us stock indices and early results of the u.s. economic recovery as an indicator of the beginning of the rise of the u.s. dollar and emerging from a situation of vulnerability.

Now, said Ruskin, a currency expert with Deutsche Bank in New York (Deutsche Bank) these statements affected some large currents, such as stream selling yen and the pound sterling. And the fruits of these data are at least out of the quantitative easing programme fruitful than will US dollar strength.

And a no index (ICE index), which measures the dollar against a basket of six currencies, to 82, 900 today, level 28, 090 late Tuesday, and at 82, 763 in early deals.

And the report of the United States Department of labor that was creating 236,000 new jobs in February, and the unemployment rate dropped to 7.7% and this is the least since neutrophils December 2008. And was expected to come in numbers to increase workers ' wages in non-agricultural occupations of 160,000, and the unemployment rate is 7 
percent, according to Reuters forecasts and market watch.
Source: market watch (Los Angeles)
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China's gold imports from Hong Kong decreased

China's gold imports from Hong Kong for the first time in four months in January after rising procurement to meet lunar new year demand in China for several months.

The report noted Hong Kong statistics issued today that China bought 51 thousand and 303 kilograms of gold, and this number includes breaking gold and gold coins in January, compared with 114 a and 405 kg of gold in December. China does not announce such data.

He said Sung Hibbing, Assistant General Manager of the Xiamen commercial bank (Xiamen City Commercial Bank Co.) that China's gold consumption is seasonal, and rising consumption is usually higher in the months preceding the Chinese new year.

And China's purchases of gold rose by 56% this year, compared with 32,000 and 948 kilograms of gold last year. And gold in 2012 shipments doubled to 835 000 and 205 kg of gold from a year earlier, according to Bloomberg calculations. And the reason is rising incomes in the second largest economic power in the world.

And Jiang Xu, senior analyst with the Industrial Bank (Industrial Bank Co.) of Shanghai, that apart from the issue of seasonal demand, investors shied away from buying bullion to expect lower prices.

He said another report of statistics, Hong Kong's exports to China amounted to 31 thousand gold and 723 kg in January, 29 thousand 718 kilograms of gold a month. And net exports Hong Kong Gold for China, after deduction of the 
quantity of gold re-exports from China, Hong Kong, 19 a 580 kg in January.

Source: Bloomberg Singapore and Beijing
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The new Samsung Galaxy phone specifications as well as 4

The attention of "pockets" the whole world toward the far West "United States" over the years, always waiting for a new version to Apple us Apple. It seems that the attention and pockets the whole world is now also in the far East, waiting for the latest versions of Korean giant Samsung.

After the legendary heart scales phone smart phones in the world, "Samsung Galaxy s 3," which sold in several months, according to latest statistics, more than 30 million units. It seems that Samsung has more to impress their customers and fans. But its competitors as well.

Here we have a leaked video of a great deal of credibility, reports many tech sites, indicating that the new Samsung phone will be equipped with a screen measuring 5 established the amoled, and stunning design is very thin (the slimmest ever between the current smart phones).

The camera will measure 12 mega pixels (WOW!), and quad-core processor speed 2 GHz. Andriod OS 5.0 (Key Lime Pie).

What do we have?. The new Smartphone will be predominantly with pen, like the support not 2. As well as property (laser keyboard) as you'll see in the video.

It is expected to see the new phone in the middle of this year, to give a chance for your Galaxy s 3 to achieve greater profits. Especially the global turnout it remains largely evil.

Some experts contend that the new Samsung phone would be a slam dunk for the iPhone 5 dead. But the opposite forecast says that Apple prepares the specifications featured in her iPhone, which is expected to be disclosed – as usual – in October this year.

Let's get all these expectations and tell me:
?Whichever is waiting for you: iPhone or Galaxy s 6 4

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